Woodroofes Norwood

Woodroofes Norwood

Brand: Woodroofes
Condition: Near Mint
Type: Aerated Water Crown Seal Ceramic Label
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Ceramic label 13oz crown seal lemonade bottle from the company of Woodroofe's in Norwood, Adelaide, South Australia.

The label is red and white, bottle is in very good to mint condition. 

Branding: Branding on these bottles may vary slightly.
Front: Drink, Woodroofe's, Refresh, Bottle Cap tm.
Back: This bottle remains, the property of, W. Woodroofe Ltd, Norwood, S. A.
Base: Agm, A154, 0A
Physical Attributes: 13 oz, clear, red & white ceeramic label
Company: Woodroofe
Patent: Crown Seal
Town: Norwood
State: South Australia
Country: Australia
Date: 1955
Condition: Damaged - Very Good - Near Mint - Mint - Pristine
Rarity: Common - Obtainable - Hard to Find - Rare - Extremely Rare