Company Histories

A brief history of many Colonial Australian Companies.

Their industries and the items they produced or used in every day life. These items now being the collectables we now treasure so much. In these pages the reader will gain an insight into when, where and by who operated these individual companies.

As a recent viewer quoted to me “An invaluable research. Helping us to understand the way it was in the old days”. These items we collect are real treasures, not just material Collectables to be exchanged for a nominal fee. A big part of our history and culture.

As you sit down with a cuppa and read through these pages I hope that you get as much joy out of them as I did by listing them up here for you. You are welcome to come back time after time to browse and please email me any comments. And hey, let all your mates know about my website.

I am always on the look out for more historical information in the form of Articles, Photos, Pictures, and Items, anything about Colonial Australian Companies. Not only information about Aerated Water Manufacturers, but any Company that made or used an item that has today become collectable.  The task ahead is endless, but rewarding.

Treasuring Memories

Ron Barry