Reed Bros - Bendigo

Reed Bros - Bendigo

Aerated Water and Cordial Manufacturer from 1900 - 1966

Joseph Reed was born in 1876 at Stawell and was latter employed by the Frantson Springs Cordial factory in Melbourne. In 1900 he proceeded to Bendigo and continued along this line of work.

During 1906 he built a new factory at Long Gully, Bendigo and soon formed a partnership with his brother 1908. When in 1911,  sales of aerated waters declined during the winter months they set about making tomato sauce.By 1911 the business had moved to the old Bruce cordial factory in Bridge street, Bendigo.

After Joseph Reed died the business became known as J. L. & P. Reed Pty. Ltd. The company grew rapidly untill they bought out Darby Brothers of Shepparton in 1946. Reed Brothers continued until they were bought out by Cohn Bros in 1966.

Historical Dates

1866     Joseph Reed born
1900     Established business
1906     Reed built a new Factory
1908     Reed Bothers
1914     William Henry Reed died
1946     Reed bought out Darby Brothers to form the Shepparton Cordials Pty Ltd
1955     Reed bought out J. G. Spain
1966     Sold out to Cohn Brothers.    


List of known items from this Company.

Year Branding Type Physical Attributes
1910-1930 Reed Bros.
RB trade mark
Epsom, Bendigo Pottery
Ginger Beer
Crown Seal
13 oz., stoneware bottle, black ink stamp, soft drink
1900-1920 Reed Bros., Bendigo, Crystal Cordial Works Riley 26 oz. aqua, applied top, glass, bottle, soft drink
1952 Reed Bros
Crystal Cordial Works
Crown Seal 6 1/2 oz., clear or aqua glass, Machined top, soft drink
Bendigo Ginger Beer

Bendigo Ginger Beer