Penny Ink
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Penny Ink

Brand: Ink
Condition: Near Mint
Type: Ink and Gum
$5.00 incl. GST


Stoneware ink bottle, commonly referred to as the Penny Ink from 1860 to 1915. The one pictured here is an example only as these little bottles measuring only 55mm high were hand made and all vary slightly in shape, glaze colours and character.....

I have any quantity of these bottles and a selection can make an appealing display. Their condition is classed as very good to mint as they do some times suffer slight damage from the every day use they were subjected too.

Branding: No branding
Physical Attributes: stoneware, ink bottle
Date: 1900
Condition: Damaged - Very Good - Near Mint - Mint - Pristine
Rarity: Common - Obtainable - Hard to Find - Rare - Extremely Rare