Laurel Vacuum Oil Co   clear bottle

Laurel Vacuum Oil Co clear bottle

Brand: Laurel
Condition: Near Mint
Type: Motoring
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The flying horse trade mark on a Laurel Vacuum Oil Co bottle from about 1950. One imperial quart kerosene Laurel Vacuum Oil Co.

This is the clear one only.

Branding: Front: "Individual bottles markings may vary."
flying horse, Laurel, kerosene, filled and sealed, by Vacuum Oil Comapny, pty/ltd., nett contents, one imperial quart.
Back: When purchasing your, further requirements, of, Laurel Kerosene, return this bottle, to your storekeeper, (line)., this bottle must not, be used as, a food container.
Base: F 1305, 0, 910
[agm 1305 m]
Physical Attributes: glass, clear, kerosene, quart, screw top, bottle
Company: Laurel Vacuum
Town: Melbourne
State: Vict
Country: Australia
Date: 1950
Condition: Damaged - Very Good - Near Mint - Mint - Pristine
Rarity: Common - Obtainable - Hard to Find - Rare - Extremely Rare