Crown Seal Bottle Caps

Crown Seal Bottle Caps

Brand: Crown Seal
Condition: Pristine
Type: Aerated Water Crown Seal Caps
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Selection of Crown Seal Bottle Cap closures. Tin printed lid with cork insert.

From Saphire Cordials - Bega, Bookallil - Cooma and Ryans

All are in mint condition as they are un-used or as new.

Branding: Front: From Saphire Cordials - Bega

Front: Bookallil - Cooma

Front: Ryans
Physical Attributes: tin printed lid with cork insert
State: N.S.W.
Country: Australia
Date: 1960
Condition: Damaged - Very Good - Near Mint - Mint - Pristine
Rarity: Common - Obtainable - Hard to Find - Rare - Extremely Rare