Boon Spa Melbourne

Boon Spa Melbourne

Brand: Boon Spa
Condition: Near Mint
Type: Soda Syphons
$40.00 incl. GST
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Soda Syphon from the old Melbourne company of Boon Spa. May not be the original top on this one. Bottle has single fluted panels down side and is a 40oz bottle measures 101 x 320 mm.

A very large bottle postage for postage. If you wish to organise pick up or drop off please contact me.

Physical Attributes: 40 oz., clear, fluted soda syphon
Company: Boon Spa
Patent: Soda Syphon
Town: Melbourne
State: Victoria
Country: Australia
Date: 1950
Condition: Damaged - Very Good - Near Mint - Mint - Pristine
Rarity: Common - Obtainable - Hard to Find - Rare - Extremely Rare