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Antique Bottles

144 High Street
Avoca, Victoria 3467

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About Us

As a youngster and often with brothers David and Len alongside, Ron would tour the countryside, up crook, down dale and across the breadth of Australia in search of that elusive historical treasure - hey some things never change, they just slow down.

As the years past the hunger for more involvement deepened, so with a natural development towards all things old and interesting he sought the involvement of Collector Club activities and the comradeship that is shared with people of a common interest. Ron's interests developed further and he has spent many hours sharing his knowledge with new commers and established collectors alike. He says everyone has a special interest.

The fascination of collecting antique bottles, for Ron started over 40 years ago. He now shows interest in any item that can be classed as an antique collectable.

Over the last decades Ron has been involved with many Fairs, Shows and Events and held several Stalls at the various Antique Centres in Southern parts of Australia. The first Antique Bottles website was set up in 1996 and now in the 21st Century we have a functional and informative website. Which we hope you all enjoy and visit regularly.

Now seeing his reclining years soon ahead, Ron spends much of his time in front of the computer pounding the keyboard sharing his interest with others. But, he can still find the odd moment to escape back into a place long forgotten by modern times, a time when the laughter of several nationalities where the birth of one, a time when a single shot in the dark was the law of the night, or a place when the solo crack of a stock whip in the crisp fresh air would sound the awakening of the servants and all would soon be raising glasses in cheers to the welcoming of new friends.  A place where treasures can still be found.

Ron has dedicated this site to the sale of a good selection of Antique Collectables including Bottles. Whilst filling many other pages with a wealth of information related to those and other type collectables. The internet is a big place and can be an endless supply of information. It cannot all be hosted in one place or by one site. Have a look at the links pages to help broaden your knowledge. If you find any interesting sites that are worthy of a link from this site please email Ron.


Ron Barry at recenrt fair





Ron seen here at the Warrnambool Antiques and Collectables Fair a few years ago with a couple of Royal Doulton Whisky items. 

If you see Ron at a Show, Fair or wandering around tap him on the shoulder and say Hi.


Current Specials 

Taraxale Bottle Label
Taraxale Bottle Label
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Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen Sheet Music
Nobody Knows the Trouble I’ve Seen Sheet Music
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In A Monastery Garden
In A Monastery Garden
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Goldfields Black Beer Bottle
Goldfields Black Beer Bottle
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