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Oswald and Metcalf  -  Bendigo

Aerated Water and Cordial Manufacturer

1902  -  1909  Metcalf and Oswald
1909  -  1947                 D Oswald
1947  -  1967             J. R. Oswald

    About the turn of the twentieth century Daniel Oswald left the established factory of J. H. Oswald at Corowa to settle in Eaglehawk, near Bendigo. He refused an offer to manage the Aerated Water business of A. Simpson and Son and in turn formed a partnership with Robert Metcalf in December of 1902 to establish an Aerated Water factory in nearby Peg Leg Road at Eaglehawk.
     This partnership was dissolved on November 1909 with Oswald to continue the business. It is interesting to note that George Sayers worked at this factory prior to purchasing the Boon Spa factory in Melbourne.
     Robert Metcalf married the sister of Danny Oswald, he died on the 10th of February 1930.
Danny Oswald soon made the factory a flourishing concern which enabled him to invest into the hotel trade.
     After his death in June of 1947 at the age of 71 years the business was managed by son John Reginald Oswald until it was closed in 1967.
Louisa Oswald the wife of Danny died on 26th of July in 1955 at the age of 77 years. And son Robert died on the 25th of September in 1973 at age 64 years.

 Historical Dates

-1902 Daniel worked for J. H. Oswald in Corowa
1902 partnership between Metcalf and Oswald
1909 Oswald took over the business
-1930 Robert Metcalf married the sister of Daniel Oswald
1930 Robert Metcalf died
1947 Daniel Oswald died
1947 John Reginald Oswald took over the business
1967 factory closed

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13 oz Ginger Beer tan top corker stone bottle Oswald & Metcalf, Champion Ginger Beer, Bendigo
13 oz Ginger Beer tan top corker stone bottle D. Oswald,  Champion Ginger Beer, Bendigo


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