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Antique Bottles

144 High Street
Avoca, Victoria 3467

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Australian Milk and Cream Bottles. Book Australian Milk and Cream Bottles. Book

A comprehensive guide to collecting Australian related dairy collectables by Richard S. Kameny. Over 200 pages full of information and images, database listing of dairies and base numbers ........... too much information to list here.

Delivered or pick up from the Antiques, Bottles, Colletables Shop at 51 Napier Street, St Arnaud.

Mint condition


Brookes Labeled Cordial Brookes Labeled Cordial

Brookes Lemos Limited, Man holding bottle tm., patterned design all over bottle. Label "OROS" Orange Juice Cordial. Also has the original branded screw cap. Not your everyday Brookes bottle. 

Near Mint condition


Castor Oil 10 oz Bottle Castor Oil 10 oz Bottle

Cobalt blue Castor Oil bottle from great grandmas days, 1910. Beautiful deep blue bottle. Hard to find in this size.

Castor oil bottle is in very good condition. I Also have the very common 5 oz household castor oil bottle for sale at $15.

Very Good condition


Cobalt Blue Castor Oil Bottle Cobalt Blue Castor Oil Bottle

Lovely old blue castor oil bottle. From Grandmas days, a dose of castor oil was the cure for all medicinal answer too most household ailments. Here is that favorite bottle.

I have a few of these bottles; they all vary in colour, shape and character. Bottles are.........

Very Good condition


Comonwealth Fertilisers & Chemicals Ltd Comonwealth Fertilisers & Chemicals Ltd

Demijohn with original stopper and extra branded - full of ruggered character. Branded Comonwealth Fertilisers & Chemicals Ltd. Sickle brand trade mark.
Black ink over white paint Poisonous, ICI in circle, Finckler, 3 Gals Net, ICI ANZ, Yarraville.

Very Good condition


Ink bottle Ink bottle

A varied selection of ink bottle from circa 1880 - 1930. Many of these bottles are full of character -bubbles and faults as they were mass produced as a one time use item by small glass works. They vary in density and colour.

The price for an ink bottle is $10 each, if you are wishing to purchase any quantity please check with me as the postage will be less.

Very Good condition


Penny Ink Penny Ink

Stoneware ink bottle, commonly referred to as the Penny Ink from 1860 to 1915. The one pictured here is an example only as these little bottles measuring only 55mm high were hand made and all vary in shape, glaze colours and charactor.....

Very Good condition


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Victorian Pudding Doll
Victorian Pudding Doll
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Shell Crate
Shell Crate
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Goldfields Black Beer Bottle
Goldfields Black Beer Bottle
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Brookes Labeled Cordial
Brookes Labeled Cordial
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