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A brief history of many Colonial Australian Companies.
Their industries and the items they produced or used in every day life. These items now being the collectables we now treasure so much. In these pages the reader will gain an insight into when, where and by who operated these individual companies.

As a recent viewer quoted to me “An invaluable research. Helping us to understand the way it was in the old days”. These items we collect are real treasures, not just material Collectables to be exchanged for a nominal fee. A big part of our history and culture.

As you sit down with a cuppa and read through these pages I hope that you get as much joy out of them as I did by listing them up here for you. You are welcome to come back time after time to browse and please email me any comments. And hey, let all your mates know about my website.

I am always on the look out for more historical information in the form of Articles, Photos, Pictures, and Items, anything about Colonial Australian Companies. Not only information about Aerated Water Manufacturers, but any Company that made or used an item that has today become collectable.  The task ahead is endless, but rewarding.

Treasuring Memories

Ron Barry


Australian Bricks Australian Bricks

Australian    Bricks

Brick Yards

1770 - Today

 Collecting Australian colonial or more recent clay fired house bricks has been an interesting past time for many Aussies for years.
     Not too long after settlement the production of house bricks began. The earliest colonial bricks were some what smaller in size than those we use today.  They were sun dried and not high temperature fired as we have today.
Often the use of child labor would be called upon in the commercial production of bricks in early colonial days.
     Wooden press moulds were used to form the brick and lead shaped markers were

cont ......


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Australian Dairy Collectables Australian Dairy Collectables

Australian    Dairy    Collectables



1880  -  Today



     The history of milk production in Australia goes back to day one of foundation. For the use of this page we will concentrate on the period 1880 - Today. A time when milk could arrive at the door step of most  city and large town residential properties. In time we may enlighten the reader on some of those early days of production and through the period when it was decantered from Galvanized lidded steel drums. How many of you can remember the days of the horse drawn cart and the echoed clink of milk bottles in the early morning air? The home delivery for most of us ceased in the 1970's, and nowadays we go too the supermarket or corner store for our milk supply and buy it in cardboard cartons or plastic bottles.


     Our page in history starts at a time when a lady by the title of Lady Talbot

cont ......

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Bennett Richmond Bennett Richmond

Bennett G. H. & Co.  -  Richmond, Melbourne
Aerated Water and Cordial Manufacturer

1884  -  1916

     The Excelsior Brewery was established by Mr Lane in 1877, in Collingwood, Melbourne. During the early 1880's Bennett was operating with Lane as Brewers.
     George Henry Bennet established his own factory as aerated waters manufacturers in Church Street, Richmond, Melbourne in 1884, later moving to Bridge Road, Richmond. The firm closed in 1916.
     This company used the trade mark of a conqueror upon a Mountain holding a flag, but later they were well known for Flying Flag trade mark.

cont ......

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Dixon Prahran Dixon Prahran

Prahran Ice & Aerated Water Co.



Simpson Eaglehawk Simpson Eaglehawk

Simpson A. and Son  -  Eaglehawk near Bendigo
Simpson A.

Aerated Water and Cordial Manufacturer

1872  -  1924 +

 By 1872 Alexandra Simpson had established an Aerated Waters Factory in Napier Street at Eaglehawk. He admitted his son Arthur to the business during 1891, who became the manager after the death of Alexander Simpson in 1895 aged 78 years.
     During 1907 Arthur Simpson added Federal Ale to his range of cordials, aerated waters, sauces and vinegars. He continued to operate the business until his death on the 15th of February in 1921

cont ......

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