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Antique Bottles

144 High Street
Avoca, Victoria 3467

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Bits of articles, advertisements and more related to Australia Antique Collectables and Bottles. 

Snippet - A small fragment. 


A man who has nothing to boast of but his illustriuos ancestors is like a potato - the only thing good belonging to him is underground.     Sir Thomas Overbury - The Lone Hand 1907

McKay Harvester Oils


McKay's Harvester Oils

No 1 Heavy Oil orange label 2 gallon tins @ 4/- per gallon

No 2 Light Oil red label 2 gallon tins @ 3/6 per gallon

H.V. McKay,  Sunshine Harveter Works, Victoria, Australia.

Salesmans advertising card 84 x 126 mm.

 The price of goods in 1928

Epsom Salts tablets bottle -            6d
Laurel Kerosene tin -                     6/9
Davenport's Olive Oil 10 oz bottle -  1/7
Eta Peanut Butter Jar 8oz -             1/4
Holbrook's Tomato Sauce -             -/9
I.X.L. Tomato Sauce -                    -/8
Bosisto's Eucalyptus bottle -           1/3
Warner's Safe Cure small -             2/9 large-  5/-
"          Nervine small -                  2/6 large 5/-
Tobacco Capstan 2 oz -                  1/5  1lb- 10/6
"   Havelock 3 oz -                         2/9  1lb - 10/6
Cordial Tooth's Pure Lime Juice -     2/3
"    "    Raspberry -                        1/5
"  O.T. Chillie small -                    -/11
"         "    large -                         1/8

At a little dinner at the Menzies' Hotel, the other evening, an ex-Prime Minister, asked for Foster's Lager beer, was imformed by the waiter that "Only German lager was served there."

Made in Australia.  The Lone Hand 1907   


In Sydney there is a Hat Mill capable of turning out as good a quality of hats as any of the famous hatters of England. They do an immense trade, but not in hats labelled as their own manufacture. Every one is stamped with some warehouseman's brand, carefully designed to conceal the fact that it is of Australian manufacture.

Made in Australia.  The Lone Hand 1907   

Kugleman's Herbal Soap

Kugelmann's pure herbal Skin Soap may be obtained at all Chemists, Drapers and Storekeepers throughout Australasia at 2 s per box of 3 tablets.

Free sample sent on receipt of twopenny stamp.

H.E. Kugelmann & Co., wholesaler Druggists & Manufacturers, 14 - 16 Queen St., Melbourne: 199 Clarence St., Sydney.


The Lone Hand 1907  

Silvo Silver PolishSilvo Is Her Choice

So Much depends upon it

She handles her silverware with a pleasure akin to that experienced when she admired it for the first time.
She entertains her friends, confident that her silver looks its best because she has the best polish.


The Lone Hand 1907   

McIrath  Tea


Theres Only One in Australia Yoga Pure Tea

McIlraths Ltd 2/1 lb. Sydney & Suburbs.

Also at Newcastle & West Maitland.



 The Lone Hand 1907    

More to come. Please return.

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